When buying from private parties make sure to protect yourself against forgery by verifying ownership here first.

How We Fight Forgeries

When you purchase your art we record your email address and the serial number in our internal database. When you sell or gift your art simply notify us of the new owner’s email address by sending us an email from your email address on file.


Your art is protected from forgery. Purchasers of privately owned art can contact us to verify that the person selling to them is the same as the one listed in our Owner Registry. Forgers cannot prove ownership.

Protection from theft. In the event your art is stolen it will become difficult to sell since the thief will not be able to verify ownership.

Verification Instructions when buying from Private Parties

Ask the seller to contact us with an email (from their email address on file with us) authorizing us to email you the following info:

1. Item Description
2. Serial Number
3. Email Address of the owner of record

Ask the seller to prove ownership of the email address that is on file with us by sending you a verification email from it.

If you decide to purchase a privately owned art wallet, have the seller email us an authorization to transfer ownership. Make sure to have the seller include your email address as you would like it to be listed in our Owner Registry.

Recording Fees

Recording fees are $10 per transfer payable in bitcoin.