Soupe Du Jour

The Soupe Du Jour series by Steven Michaels is a tribute to the iconic pop artist Andy Warhol and his famous 32 Campbell’s Soup Cans. It will chronicle the price of Campbell’s soup – in “bits” – over 1,024 days.

There will be 32 original, hand-finished prints of each variety of Campbell’s soup creating the opportunity for 32 “complete” collections. The first, “Tomato”, is dated “Jan. 30, 2017” and a new piece will be created every day for 32 days before the next variety of soup is started. This process will be completed when all 32 varieties of soup have been created.

Each piece is 8” x 10” on acid free paper with archival ink. Suitable for framing or display in a presentation book.

Note: These art wallets do not contain bitcoins and come unfunded. You can substitute a BIP38 encrypted wallet upon request.

Price: $100 + shipping ($5 to USA or $20 to other countries). Pay only one shipping fee for up to 5 units when checking out but you will have to do the calculation yourself and then send only the modified amount at checkout (the shopping cart we use does not do it automatically but will still receive any amount you send).

Available Pieces:

Tomato – Feb. 2, 2017: