A Beautiful Mind

“A Beautiful Mind” – Pen & Ink drawing – original print.


Each piece is 9” x 12” on acid free paper with archival ink. Suitable for framing or display in a presentation book.

About“Since June 7, 2011 – the day I discovered bitcoin – I have not been able to keep it off my mind. The potential to change the world and give greater freedom to those who want it is literally “mind-blowing”. Bitcoin has been “on my mind” every day since – and probably will be until the day I die. To me, this piece has multiple meanings: the skull is both a “piggy bank” for storing bitcoins but it also represents the potential death of traditional money and power structures. It can represent the thousands of times bitcoin has been declared dead – only to rise again. This drawing is also a self-portrait. The hand is mine and I imagine I’ll probably take a few bitcoins with me to the grave. ” – Steven Michaels

Note: These art wallets do not contain bitcoins and come unfunded. You can substitute a BIP38 encrypted wallet upon request.

Price: $1,000 + shipping ($5 to USA or $20 to other countries). Pay only one shipping fee for up to 5 units when checking out but you will have to do the calculation yourself and then send only the modified amount at checkout (the shopping cart we use does not do it automatically but will still receive any amount you send).

Buy-Back/ Trade-in Guarantee:

Enjoy your art and, should you ever decide to sell, we will buy it back for the same dollar price that it was originally sold for (excluding shipping) payable in dollars (or the dollar-equivalent of bitcoins at the time of buy-back). You may also trade it in towards any other piece and receive full purchase price dollar value in credit. You must be listed as the owner of record in our Owner Registry so take care to follow the steps to get registered if you buy the art from a private party.


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