Honey badger

Honey badger

Original ,hand-pulled, Linocut Print – Edition of 20 original prints

5″ x 7″ acid-free paper with archival ink.  Suitable for framing or display in a presentation book.

About this piece: This piece is a rendering of the the right front paw print of the honey badger – one of the toughest animals on the planet and the unofficial mascot of Bitcoin. Nothing can stop a honey badger and nothing can stop bitcoin.

Note: This art wallet does not contain bitcoins and comes unfunded.

PriceSOLD OUT (original price: $25 each). Visit our Collector’s Forum to check availability on the secondary market.

Buy-Back Guarantee:

Enjoy your art and, should you ever decide to sell, we will buy it back for the same dollar price that it was originally sold for (excluding shipping) payable in dollars (or the dollar-equivalent of bitcoins at the time of buy-back). You must be listed as the owner of record in our Owner Registry so take care to follow the steps to get registered if you buy the art from a private party.